My First Blog – “As I think of You”

So…Hi guys…This is my first ever blog which I wrote back on February 2014…..You can read the original one here on my friend’s blog


Ahhh…It was my class 12…A boring maths lecture…(I think relating to area of conical shapes)…(TRUST ME!ENGINEERING SOMETIMES SUCKS BIGTIME :3) and here was me with my friend….drooling eyes close..totally in no mood for another Maths class…..Suddenly my friend came up with an idea “Yo Raza!You should totally write something for your crush to impress her” and I thought why not I give it a try…

TBH…I wrote this blog in 1 lecture 😉 Go on!Give it a read!!!

Looking upon the shadowy bliss of night, I thought of you. I thought of you as a bliss of solitude that stumbles upon darkness, as the moon above my horizon melts down in the sea of stars. With the gushes of wind passing by my ears, I thought of myself in retrospect, looking across at the very sight of you. And the chronically life long moments we both had and the evergreen promise we made in our eyes that we would live together and grow old together. I thought of you.

Looking like a freshly polished garnet, I still remember the sparkle which came across my eyes when I first saw your face. It felt like you were the lock to the key I had held onto for life. You felt like the very first drop of rain that forecasts the upcoming rainbow to me. And your debonair look had had me believed you possessed the energy to excite an army of lethargic photons. Your eyes were so clear as if they were offering a gateway to some sort of castle. And you as a whole seemed like an absolute rose surrounded by nothing but thorns.

Today, you are not here with me. Your memories are all I have with me. With this pen and this pad as my new best-friend, I disclose my secrets lying hidden. And with the last regret in my heart; if I had revealed my true intentions things would have been different indeed.Raza Sohail

And when I showed this to my crush :-

Her remarks were” Waooo amazing….(Y) shez V.lucky no doubt 🙂 “



P.S =Even this Acrostic Poem didn’t do the magic on her….which I wrote for her

Intoxicate! O,

Zephyr of love!Re-incarnate!

Zenith you are to me, to my soul!

Yesterday I met her,and tomorrow she will be my whole…


Hey!Call me weird-childish-eerie-unreal-whatever to win someone’s heart like this…But let me tell you something….She!Sure was different from all others out there 😉 Her way of thinking was the thing which secured her position first thing in my heart…BUT HEY!YOU CAN’T HAVE EVERYTHING YOU SET YOUR EYES UPON….(*Insert=AWWW!TOUGH LUCK KIDDO!BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME* EXPRESSION) *_*

Just call her absence from my life, my Bad Luck!!!


20 thoughts on “My First Blog – “As I think of You”

  1. You have a great way with words. I loved your line, “as the moon above my horizon melts down in the sea of stars.” Great imagery. Even though the girl you wrote this piece for did not acknowledge it the way you’d hoped, I’ll bet when you do find the right girl, she will truly appreciate every last word you write to her. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hahhha…Well!These were bottled up emotions…Had to let them out somewhere-Figured wordpress would be a good platform to express…
      Thanks for taking the time and reading the blog though 🙂


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