The Sculpture and the Tear…

The rain was making the leaves rustle.The wooden house rocked on the hill as the thunder roared and the river gushed with its full might,indicating signs of a hilly area flood.

The professor (which reminded me of character “Sketch Turner” from a classic video game Comix Zone) was dripping drops of sweat from his nose.He was tired from all the hard work he did.He was heavily busy from past 3 years….working on his dream sculpture…And Yes…It was a sculpture of a girl…who reminded him of someone.

He didn’t care if the catastrophe of heavy rain,either caused an avalanche which could topple his hilly house, or which could cause a Tsunami flood and shatter his house.He was too busy to bat an eye to someone.His marvelous sculpture was in closing form and just needed a final touch of finesse.

When his hard work paid off and the sculpture was completed…It was truly a sight to the sour eyes.She looked so beautiful.Her figure so fine…like almonds soaked in milk.Her face…like fresh rose petals flying across a pedestal fan.Her nose…like the proud pyramid of Giza standing tall.Her tranquil hands like those of some mystic Greek goddess…and her feet…It was like she only walked on clouds and never laid a foot upon the dirty ground.

It felt like the time had stopped.The rain was coming down with all its might.The house was shaking like that of a 9.0 earthquake…Yet!The professor didn’t care…He was awe-struck at his own impressive work.She reminded him of someone & a projector of memories was flashing down his mind this instant.

Suddenly a tear trickled down the professor’s eye.The tear so powerful…It shattered the stone sculpture.The statue was completely torn to bits by the might of the tear.This tear was no ordinary tear.Its secret ingredient was “memories”…which were powerful enough to wipe away its existence.

The rain had stopped and The river had returned to its normal pace.Sunlight had come out and it was depicting a beautiful scenery.

The professor stood motionless for sometime as if, analyzing what had just happened.But he had learned his lesson.

He knew that the statue of this particular “girl” and the world of memories had passed away…BUT THAT SURELY DIDN’T MEAN THAT HIS LIFE WAS ENDED.There’s so much more to life than holding onto old memories.

He finally understood the proverb “YA GOTTA LEAVE YOUR PAST BEHIND”…And, With a fresh look of optimism at his face, he looked forward to his next project.

Afterall :-

“This is life and not a *I*K
Don’t take it too hard” B-)


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