The Blood,The Vow & The GodFather…

(NOTE: I don’t know if you’ll like this post of mine-These are just random feelings)

You know…I was watching The Godfather series recently…That’s an epic biography…It brings you tears of joy in your eyes and smiles of unhappiness across your face…I particularly loved this quote of the film

“Never hate your enemies-It clouds your judgement”…

I was lying on the sofa-scrolling my mobile.I saw a screenshot of someone.Lets call that person “Stupid”(Nice nickname…huh.Yeah well!She’s a nice person!No Doubt)…Apparently she had a point about a person who didn’t acknowledge feelings(true feelings you can say) for another person…and she(STUPID) was infact feeling sorry for that person.

Ask me!I feel sorry for that person too…I mean seriously…That guy…you can say that guy wasted himself feeding on the thoughts of ‘her’…-To her she was a complete ”soulmate” …Her way of thinking-He fell in love with the way she talked…and as they say “Love is Blind”…I think love is mad too.That guy would just sit sometimes and just think about her laugh-He literally dreamt of her…He thought his future was with her…Hell!He even reached an ultimate form of madness.He even tried to sacrifice his future by wasting one of his educational golden years by going to a college he thought in which “she” was coming….but she never came.She was never of the sort.

You can say that maybe…she did a little injustice.She rejected true feelings-A gift which is wondered by many and endowed to few…but she made her choice.

IF YOU ASK MY OPINION…I THINK THAT BOY SHOULD “ADAPT”…He should watch the movie “The Godfather” and learn the art of adaptness…(Michael Corleone was just an innocent kid-He hated his father’s gangster life.He just wanted a happy normal life-marry his girlfriend…He wanted to enjoy his life like a fairytale

But NO…Fate had something else planned for him…When his older brother Sunny was killed,his father sent him to Sicily.

After a series of unfortunate mishaps with him…he had a complete change of character….Once the dreamy eyed lad who had a lucid ambition of a fairytale life…Now, had a clear vision of reality….After he skilfully defeats his crime family’s opponents…He then becomes to be known as “DON MICHAEL CORLEONE”….My point is towards the character transformation.One half of the movie=Just a simple innocent lad-The next half=A Proper handler of the Italian Mafia)

My point is towards that character transformation. Rumi once said “Do not feel lonely-The entire universe is inside you”

If that person is reading my blog…Here’s my suggestion…Adapt yourself.Forget about her.Don’t think about revenge.Its not worth it.The best revenge you could think of…is walk away……

You’ll surely find someone who’ll bring a charm in your life in a way you’ll wonder why it never worked out with anyone else

However…Do make yourself a vow……(That’s just a brotherly advice)…

A vow that what has happened…has happened.No use crying over spilt milk.A vow that you’ll study hard and make your parents proud.

A vow that you’ll show everyone around you…that you could have a great career ahead

A vow that you’ll find and marry a girl 100x times better than the one who isn’t with you…

A vow that you’ll have a “house” and a “home” together…Loving family-great career…A total all rounder of life….

A vow…..that after 10-20 years…The girl that isn’t with you…for once,lets say…. meets you in life….or happens to stalk you…She would get jealous….She would actually feel bad…that WHY WHY WHY….WHY DID I LET GO OF YOU?I WISH I COULD’VE UNDERSTOOD THE PAIN THAT YOU WENT THROUGH(These are not hate statements!NO!THAT PERSON STILL RESPECTS “HER”.ITS JUST…SHE MADE A DIFFERENT CHOICE OF LIFE)…….

Make your vow like how “Billy” in the movie “Predator 1978) makes…when he sees the Predator.(He makes a blood oath by making a cut to his heart when he sees The Predator)

Make your vow like the “Red Dragon”…Like how Ralph Fiennes proudly shows his tattoo transformation of a coiled Red Dragon across his body

And most importantly…Make your vow like “The Godfather”…Like Michael Corleone,who understood that life is never how you expect it to turn.I mean seriously…That fluffy hair kid who hated violence-who would just sit sometimes…and smile…Thinking “Life is Beautiful”…but once…His life reached a critical point.He changed…The warm smile transformed into a smirk of a cold hearted bastard with a strong Omerta and even stronger “Cosa Nostra”

And even his enemies admired him

As Michael Scofield of famous “Prison Break” says :

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

So yeah….Good things will come.Just work hard and be patient…and most importantly always remember:-

“Never hate your enemies.It clouds your judgement”

and that “Every Cloud has a silver Lining”