We Live in a World of Worlds….

Okay…Its Friday night…8 o’clock-I’m sick…coughing like a Panda-shivering with cold-Earphones plugged in to “Poets of the Fall -Carnival of Rust and Roses(BOTH SONGS…on continuous repetition” and DUDE…my throat hurts like a *******.

Also,I noticed I haven’t written anything in a while…so I thought…how about the next blog post B-)


Okay…back to the post…here comes my flow of thoughts:-

When I was a small child…my world was my teddy bear…As I grew…I shifted my interest to Pokemon cards…I grew once more…My world became Facebook,WWE and Engineering…In high school…I lived in a world of competition…it was a world in which we had to obtain maximum marks so we could get on merit on the prestigious colleges of the country…At the time of my entry test…I saw a new world….A world of pressure and prayers…

Right now…In my college life…I see a world of race…People trying there best to have more GPA than their classmates

(Since my college is in my city.I go from my home)…In the morning…At about 6:30am…when I leave my home…Its usually cold these days.I see a world of unwilling school going children “MOMMY!!!I DON’T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL TODAY”…and their eager mommies persuading them-packing their lunches and dropping them in school vans “.

As I walk,I often see a cab driver-with windows closed…With a deep look.He must be in his own world thinking about how to get a good fare of the day and feeding his family…That’s his world

As I cross a bridge over a railway track…I see on the far east…Sun playing hide and seek over the peaks of Himalayas…I say to myself “That’s another world”…

I cross further ahead…and see my colony’s famous shop who serves “Halwa Poori” as breakfast.I see the helpers of the shop frying fresh pooris and spreading aroma of that delicacy hoping to attract early customers…That’s another world

Then I get on the bus…O hey…Welcome to the world of diverse worlds…I see some dudes absorbed in their thoughts by ear phones plugged in while some are absorbed in their own dimensions cramming for an early quiz.Some are joking about everyday life and some are debating over the philosophy of life…See…a world inside worlds ^_^

When we reach college…….

I see a world of cream of the nation busying themselves day and night in studying…and trying to prove themselves to the world…(WELCOME TO THE NERD WORLD)

When I see the hot chicks of my institution…I sense a world of despos around me,imagining themselves holding those girls’ phone numbers

When I go to a hotel to attend a marriage…I see a world of awaiting eyes,anxious relatives,waiters bringing tasty foods to the trays,The bride and groom trying to stay calm and ofcourse, prettier girls who dressed really nice to make others notice of their presence 😉 That’s another world

When I go to a hospital,I see a world of sincere prayers,ailing people with wailing health…Waiting for a doctor and miracles

When I see a dead body going to a graveyard…I see a world of sorrows,of griefs and of a sad reality

When I go over to a cinema or a park…I see a world of people who are stressed out from 5 day work and just want to relax and get chilled in that time…

I switch on my TV,switch to WWE and see wreslters fighting for a world fame and ratings…

I switch over to news and see a world of politicians defaming others in a world of superiority.

I open up my Facebook and see everyone absorbed in their own worlds

I see besties taking selfies in their own world

I see couple of my older friends being overjoyed from their first month salary in their own world

Sometimes I wonder…How would be the world up above the snowy Tibet peaks where the monks live

How would be the pressurized life of Silicon Valley where all the tech is formed?

The deep African Jungles where the people like Tarzen live(like the Amazulu tribes in novel “King Solomon’s Mines”

How would be the world of The Serene-The magnificent Bermuda Triangle,

The famous PlayBoy Mansion,

and the Casinos of Las Vegas…

With that thoughts….I hit on the publish button…and behold…you just read my freshest blog post B-)