Mona Sax and Max Payne

In a room full of art,I’d still stare at her-for she was the lovely Mona Sax and I…I was the notorious Don Dada of Sin City Max Payne…The kind of guy with the combination of paisley ties with a hot mug of coffee…no…the combination of meethi rotees with garma garam chaii…She was the kind of person who would make butterflies tingle my stomach…Facial expressions with her curvy imperfections…yeah!lovely…but the way her eyes were the windows of her soul,that shivved my heart everytime I looked through them.
The way she smiled…IDK…her smile had the effect of turning my face into smiling and the way she frolicked her hair…That felt like a refreshing crystal lattice of honeycomb structures
Her confidence was the key factor in me heeding my attention towards her and her accent….Boyyy!!!That accent was DOPE AF! *_*
I once asked her what her star was and she replied “Cancerian”
I read somewhere off the internet(although how much absurd it seems…Well!Horoscopes ARE ABSURD <(“) Beneath the hard layers of a Cancerian Crab,are just raw innocent emotions.
Looking at her chronic ravishing figure…At times one could see a dull facade of emotions artfully hidden in her painful smile
Like a trophy…ofc she had many admirers and me…IDK…at times God gives you the gift of curse to get to know a person simply because you like that person…without any malecious intentions-Just a pure heart longing for the secrets of the other soul.
Weird right <(“)
Just like the fantasy of super hit neonoir hit game “Max Payne” We’re always uncertain of the destiny of Mona Sax and Max Payne…..Me…I feel destiny has a stock of more adventures of me and her in a favourable twist of fate   B-)
Anyways…As I tilt my head sideways to the window gap surrounded by curtains…I can see rain occuring with periodic thunder sounds from time to time.While listening to Timbaland’s hit album “Shock Value II ” I guess….Time to post a new blog post