Sometimes she gets confused and asks me…….Why do you care so much?

She says to me I wish I could show you from my own eyes- how good you are….You’re almost too good to be true…..Hahahaha….I mean…It sounds so funny when someone says that. No-one ever said that to me before….It sounds nice to be honest 🙂

She says she misses my nagging – about me lecturing her on how to have a better lifestyle…and she says she misses putting her head on my shoulders.

Sometimes we both talk about intellectual perspectives of life and we both learn from each other.

And sometimes I think about her…like a flower who is badly damaged by the society. Alas! How I wish that she could have a better life… I do mention her in my prayers and pray that she leads a good life.

Today she said to me…What if I tell you to fuck off and don’t care…?Will you still care?

I told her that she can say me a 100 times to fuck off and not care – Still…I’ll care about her

To me – the definition of love is more than a dick inside a pussy. To me its caring for someone – protecting their secrets – mentioning their good health in one’s prayers…

I guess I loved her….That’s why I will care for her. Hell!! I’ll even be happy if she’s not with me.

She’s a great girl. I wish that she realizes her potential – doesn’t do too much weird shits in life…and ofc…find happiness in genuine pleasures of life.


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