22 October 2016 (Some random thoughts today)

IDK…Life is weird. Sometimes you want a thing – when you achieve that thing – you want more…or sometimes – you don’t want that thing at all. Constantly torn between “if its meant to be – it will be” and “if you want something – go out there and grab it”

Life is weird…sometimes you question yourself – Are you on the right track? You made it this far – Will you be able to do more? or will you give up?

Will you sink into the valley of depression or will you be happy?

And sometimes an inner voice(faith) hits you up and say…”Heyyy! You survived through worse. Come on – you can easily survive this phase. Good things are just around the corner” and then you end up smiling, looking at the sky

I guess its just one of those times – when you need someone to hug you-listen to you and say to you “Everything is gonna be alright” ….That someone could be someone you love – someone you miss ……or it could be…YOU….YOURSELF…..