The solid aims of hollow thoughts…

Go on child…Enjoy your life. Eat – drink – get laid…bla bla bla…I don’t care…well…I do care…I do get jealous sometimes…but what matters most is…you’re happy.
I believe we meet many people in life and we can love lots of people in our life. I feel special enough to have a connection with her at one point of our lives.
Life is fast and my undergraduate studies are tough …+ we both are in different regions of the world……but I now make an aim…I aim to bring the best in her…I want her to lessen her stupid mistakes she does in life and live a good life
I do love her – I do care about her…and I believe this trait of mine makes me strong…I don’t care with whom she is – as long as she’s happy …I’m happy..
“The life of this world is nothing but a temporary illusion” – even the stimulation theory of Science proves it…I believe the life we live is a sort of test. Some things will forever be in our favour and somethings will forever be against us.
I believe in my heart that I’ll meet her again in this world or another…
Right now – university life is with all its pressure…I want to work hard – get good grades – make my parents proud…and continue making difference in the lives of people around me….
This girl was one of my life’s greatest achievement at one point of my life….but my work is not done yet. I want to tell her so much more…..I believe miracles do exist but you have to work for them…Just like a miracle once happened in my life – I believe lots of miracles will come again…It won’t be easy. There will come many points in my life where I’ll feel I failed…but if I continue – and don’t give up – I know I can make it…..Its just like one of those Sherlock Holmes moments “The game is on”….
A friendly advice: Don’t overthink – just work hard and keep your intentions pure…You’ll soon eat the fruit of your hardwork.