Dear David Copperfield

You remind me of someone
To Tommy Traddles – My lifelong funny friend from a middle class family, I just admire so much of your certain charms
and To James Steerforth – To my rich friend, who fights with me for his own selfish swarms
To Mr.Creakle – That bad teacher, responsible for my demise through his bullying & physical punishments
and To Aunt Peggotty – My favorite eccentric aunt who takes care of me when I was all alone in my fate of ill torments
To Dora – The love who dies in my own arms and I couldn’t do anything about it
and To Agnes -My advisor and best friend who becomes my better half by accepting me as I am, bit by bit.
Dear David Copperfield – You remind me of someone…
But O dear David – Who do you remind me of ?