To the murderers of society…

To the murderers of society
I wasn’t born with a gold spoon in my mouth
My father was an alcoholic
and my mother worked as a maid in other people’s homes to meet both ends
In a world of lust – love was unknown to me
As a poster child of materialism – Money was my only religion
I lived for myself because the cruel wold taught me so
Too old – silver haired and with various diseases
my soul as much stained as the sins I committed to keep myself alive
I now know that what I done was not worth it
But I was innocent – the system engulfed me
The heartless didn’t give a damn about me
while the so called “religious” judged me
Alas – if the heartless could give a damn
and the so called ” religious” could love an imperfect being like me
Maybe….I would’ve been different
Maybe….I would’ve been different