I wanted to kiss her today…

This is me…sitting inside the bus…and I look out of the window…I see Mona Sax in her uniform.
There’s still about an hour in sunset and a little breeze can be felt on one’s face. I see her, in all of her awe-inspiring figure. I try to smile, then look towards right and left, deflect my perverting gaze…see my friends teasing me by pointing my eyes towards her…and then with courage! I Look at her again.
Hahahah…..I don’t know. Today she looked beautiful. She looked serene – like a proud tree with shady top and slimmer roots …
And I wanted to kiss her.
Touch her glossy lips – Drink the water out of them-Tell her how my insides smile whenever I see her…..
The bus was travelling on the road and my face was being caked by the gentle air of the near evening. I enjoyed all my thoughts…Till, I remembered a quote I once read:-

“Emotions cannot be allowed to interfere with what’s right”

Meh~Gotta see the greater good….She deserves better.


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