My first Paragliding Experience…

This rugged mountainous area – That beautiful blue lake in the middle – The scorching sun – The fear of falling off the parachute in mid air…where am I?
Alright…enough of these thoughts…Let’s grab up a backpack and scale that 300 feet peak…
1st flight…number 3rd with a red glider…Buckling the harness-nervously hearing the staff instructions-the wind fiddling with the glider,pulling me off in the other direction…I ran…I ran on the steep slope …..
WHEE…Lovely! This just feels like “Just Cause” A professional right turn of the glider…Yayyy…There’s my flag where I gotta land….Ground approaching closer and closer…breaks applied…
One foolish mistake made: I didn’t move with the glider…Crash landing became my destiny and I skided off my knees and my arse in the field….Luckily no injury though…Scolded by staff for having a very well ride yet a very stupid landing
The suckiest part is always carrying the heavy backpack up to the peak..
Next comes 2nd flight…This time deep breaths – confident and wanting to earn the respect of the staff..I wear the backpack-tie up the harness once more
A large black glider and a large time duration flight welcomed my fate…
You know you reach a state of orgasm and a world of ecstacy when you’re up in the air – floating effortlessly…and having a thought pondering over the fact that us humans are so weak – so puny…against the scary Godly atmosphere…We can declare many proud statements but are no match when we’re up,swinging like a piece of thin cobweb against strong air…
Anyways…the second flight was wow…I may not have the exact words to describe my flight but I can tell you about my landing….
Near the end of the flight – both breaks pulled down, perfectly executing a flawless landing on both feet.
Literally enjoyed every bit of my flying emotions!!!


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