Learning Swimming in College…

Year 2016:-

I see a sea/ocean for the first time in my life in South East Asia. I was with my friends, from all kinds of different countries, representing in an exchange program. Its first time for everything….I get very excited…. till I slip inside the water…
I thought the Sun I’m seeing above the Pari Island, Jakarta would be my last one till my Swiss buddy pulls me out

Fast forward to year 2017….I’m back in Pakistan. Its Summer holiday time in college but I’m still stuck in Summer program to improve my grades 😦

I thought…My university has access to one of the finest pools of the world…Lets conquer that stupid fear of last year and learn to swim

Wearing a light blue silicon cap and swimming shots, as a compulsion to enter the pool, I went inside. I cleaned my feet with the disinfectant and scaled down the ladder of 6 feet pool….


I took about 2 steps down and that fear of last year came alive today…I went out of the pool…again tried to come…but it felt as if I’m traversing down an ocean with mighty waves…

I went to a nearby pool of 3 feet…The irony being a 6 feet + guy struggling in a 3 feet pool πŸ˜€

But…it felt much friendlier than the larger pool. I started practicing the breathing exercises I learnt on Youtube…Did some sit ups…tried to walk inside the pool

The instructor advised me to put on the pool tube and then try to swim…

MANNNN!!!!The feeling was awesome.

I felt like that cartoon “Bojack Horseman” …being the most important person in the world, chilling over the pool….I even tried backflips, diving, butterfly,…that is ofcourse, wearing the pool tube….

I once read that once, Jason Statham had been an excellent diver. I hope to get that kind of physique…..Well…Swimming is a good exercise….Who knows – my baby fats might melt due to my struggle and I might even get a better physique than him….

Its been two days now…and journey has been good. Hopefully next time I go to pool, I’ll wear the tube and go for the big pool….


2 thoughts on “Learning Swimming in College…

  1. I’m so proud of you!! I’m struggling with some fears/anxieties lately but haven’t had the courage to stand up for myself. Your story is very encouraging, thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for nice words….and everyone has fears and anxieties….The noble thing is to face them and never give up….
      + you can always talk to me about them…You know me – I’m the conversationalist type πŸ™‚


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