I Created A Powerful Memory Today

I hate cigarettes…I hate the smoke. I had the idea of investing hard earned money on a piece of equipment that is draining me of my cash and my health.

But…since the childhood. I had the fantasy of smoking a cigar, much like one of my ideals Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Now, I’m a guy who loves his parents very much. I know if they come to know, that I smoke (I don’t smoke btw), they’ll feel sad that their son is developing bad habits

Both me and my dad are fans of movies of Arnold. What I did today – I bought a cigar… and then, asked my dad to have a smoke. Initially, my dad thought I was joking but then, I told him…I want to make memories with you

It was about 5 pm and the weather was delightful after a rain shower. I took a plastic chair inside the porch, told my dad to sit. My mom standing next to him. I put on some retro music from the 80’s on Youtube and then I lit up the cigar

Hahaha…what can I tell? It was awesome. He took some puffs and then, I sat on the chair, and took about 5 puffs. I even made a video of my dad, puffing out cigar fumes and we all happily embarrassed. In the end, I destroyed the cigar in front of my parents…that I would smoke never again (I’m a science student. I know its potential disadvantages)

As I type, after about an hour, I still have that cigar taste in my mouth. How do you describe it? It feels like an aromatic tea odor revolving in circles around my mouth

Today I got the feeling that life is short and we should tell people that they are special and are meaningful in our lives. Who knows, tomorrow they won’t be and then it would be too late

In my part of the world, people are usually very much attached with their parents. I figured if we all try to go extra mile and do something good – the universe also sends us all the love back

But one thing’s for sure. 10th September 2017 – I’ll always remember you as the day, a non-smoker convinced his non-smoking dad to have a cigar and make a powerful memory <3…Man! If I ever get married and had kids, I’ll proudly tell them about this day.

Much love everyone – The college kid feels very happy today. Gotta go! See ya!


3 thoughts on “I Created A Powerful Memory Today

  1. Aww that’s a beautiful and sweet story! Thank you for sharing. It’s great you have such a deep bond with your parents. I’m not as close with mine and appreciate the freedom that comes with it, but yeah, being really close has advantages too.
    Take care 🙂

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