Pitching an idea to investors before me

I had a terrible exam of Signals and Systems today. Maybe I’ll get an F at the end of this semester( Duhh…I don’t care….Nooo…I really do)

Anyway…Putting aside computer engineering, today I had another task after my exam. My toppers of my class requested me to present their project at Techstars (POWERED BY GOOGLE) {at Islamabad Startup Weekend}

Their project “Under utilization of rainfed land” (i.e. using solar power to drill the water from the ground and using it for irrigation purpose) had been choosen among the lucky 12 teams (total 36 teams) and now, in the final rounds, they asked me to represent them

No preparation, no idea about the environment and given a narrow time slot of about 30 minutes, we prepared the necessary slides.

We were team number 9. Out of five people, two people stepped onto stage. Me and my friend Mobi. Mobi had recently been diagnosed with a deadly disease (His immune system started attacking his own body)

Despite everything, he took one for the team and decided to pair up. I presented the best I could.

Multiple judges praised my presentation skills. (In fact I was the only one who received this honor after my presentation) They say that I could become a good salesman…even if I don’t go well towards engineering.

But our project, it was not a new thing apparently. Lots of people were doing it and we just didn’t realize.

I think starting a business is not as hard as they say. You just need a good product and a good marketeer. I have good marketing skills but I still, I have a lot to learn (AND I NEED TO GRADUATE)

Islamabad Startup Weekend ~ Techstars (POWERED BY GOOGLE)

16th December 2017


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