That kid’s reply haunts me

28th February, 2018:

I did not get an F in the paper of ‘Signals and Systems.’ I had a shitty exam but I ended up with a C+. I still cannot believe my luck XD

Anyway, today I was coming back to home from University. When I reached my lane, I met 4 kids, who were pressing doorbells of houses in the street, to earn some money via begging.

They asked me some money (equal to 10 cents) But that’s not important. The important part about my article is the conversation which took place between me and one of those kids.

The kid who asked me for money was about 10 years old. He was healthy and bald (kind of like a small version of Jake from “Two and a half men”) He also had dimples.

He said to me, “Please give me money – I’ll pray for you”
I said, “What will you pray about?”
“That you may get a car.” – He replied.
I said, “I am not interested in cars. I want to travel the world”
He said, “I’ll pray for that .”
(I don’t think the kid understood my reply but how could he? An innocent child beggar of a 3rd world country, the kind of like who should be in school but ended up on streets because of financial pressures. I don’t even remember what he said. He just made an innocent face and smiled till I handed him currency, worth of 10 cents.

His innocence made me boil in my anger. What have our politicians, our military, our leaders did for us. NOTHING. All these country taxes and still unemployment in the country – still poverty – still innocent dreams getting crushed by financial pressures.


When I entered my home and as I write this sentence, I hear myself saying ” I wish I could do something for my country. I wish my engineering would present me a way to help people of my country. Just something to improve economy o Because, if I did not and only indulge in a hedonistic, pleasure seeking lifestyle, I would just be a failed result of my dad’s condom. What use is of my education from one the best universities of the world, if I fail to lessen the burden of people of my country, who are already struggling to make their ends meet? How can I make my engineering productive?


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