Farewell letter for my senior!

She is my senior from electrical department and she is about to graduate.

She is different from other girls and her grace has made my soul her fan. I wish we could be close but despite being the most social guy of my university, there is a little communication barrier whenever I talk to her.

Anyway, I was sitting in library that day and she came to me and said ‘Raza! I will bring a paper on which you have to present your autograph’

I lost all my words. I couldn’t say anything. Me…my autograph? Why tf would you? I feel so honored…

Exam season never felt so amazing. I decided to do something for her. Since I knew I would be living in the university for 10 days, I had access to countless resources. I decided to write her a parting letter, appreciating her and making her feel special (without any romantic attentions)

I got a brown envelope from stationary, wrote my heart out and with the help of my hostel friend burnt candle wax to seal the letter.

We literally put engineering to use. Since candle wax is notorious for not sticking up, we even mixed honey. It still didn’t hold up. We then, took an obsolete badminton shuttle, cut the cork and obtained a ring. We filled wax inside the hollow part and the letter seal looked like a crystal donut with brown surroundings. It felt so good!

It was 13 August 2018 and rain had just stopped. I got out of the hostel at around 8pm and headed straight to library (study room) where she was studying. I met her, asked her to join me for sometime in the open. She came out, I presented her the letter.

She was shocked. At first she couldn’t stop complementing, then she was like I would never open it…It’s too pretty XD

Hahaha…It was fun. I told her, you will read the letter once you leave the university.

I received her message yesterday. She read the letter and thanked me for my gesture. I felt good but then a thought came up to me ‘Perhaps I may never see her again’

I mean I know…life is a temporary phase and it’s a test but still, sometimes you like certain people and never wish them to go away from you…

Anyways, there is nothing much you can do about it. Just embrace the reality and focus on your goals and life. And one more thing (to the reader), it’s really awesome if you perform small gestures of making someone feel special 🙂

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