Mona Sax and Max Payne

In a room full of art,I’d still stare at her-for she was the lovely Mona Sax and I…I was the notorious Don Dada of Sin City Max Payne…The kind of guy with the combination of paisley ties with a hot mug of coffee…no…the combination of meethi rotees with garma garam chaii…She was the kind of person who would make butterflies tingle my stomach…Facial expressions with her curvy imperfections…yeah!lovely…but the way her eyes were the windows of her soul,that shivved my heart everytime I looked through them.
The way she smiled…IDK…her smile had the effect of turning my face into smiling and the way she frolicked her hair…That felt like a refreshing crystal lattice of honeycomb structures
Her confidence was the key factor in me heeding my attention towards her and her accent….Boyyy!!!That accent was DOPE AF! *_*
I once asked her what her star was and she replied “Cancerian”
I read somewhere off the internet(although how much absurd it seems…Well!Horoscopes ARE ABSURD <(“) Beneath the hard layers of a Cancerian Crab,are just raw innocent emotions.
Looking at her chronic ravishing figure…At times one could see a dull facade of emotions artfully hidden in her painful smile
Like a trophy…ofc she had many admirers and me…IDK…at times God gives you the gift of curse to get to know a person simply because you like that person…without any malecious intentions-Just a pure heart longing for the secrets of the other soul.
Weird right <(“)
Just like the fantasy of super hit neonoir hit game “Max Payne” We’re always uncertain of the destiny of Mona Sax and Max Payne…..Me…I feel destiny has a stock of more adventures of me and her in a favourable twist of fate   B-)
Anyways…As I tilt my head sideways to the window gap surrounded by curtains…I can see rain occuring with periodic thunder sounds from time to time.While listening to Timbaland’s hit album “Shock Value II ” I guess….Time to post a new blog post

New Horizons…

Heyyy….Its me…(Your favorite guy after Deadpool)….Supp everyone?Been a long time-no see….I just had a semester break and enjoying my 1 week holidays…A lot has changed…

Engineering is fo sho to be a pain in the arse-but hey….That’s life….DEAL WITH IT!

Also,I am…you know…transforming myself…I just developed the habit of analyzing myself…ya know my pros and cons stuff…how I can be a more dynamic-skilfull and overall better person than I was yesterday….and I must say…so far-so good

There was this carnival at a college and I told my seniors I could become a hosting DJ…It was like…creating a vivid ambience in the atmosphere with a mic-with people coming to me for song dedication…BMW’s BurnOut Donuts-Flood lights and smokes….lighting up the awe….That was beautiful….(kinda like Tomorrowland stuff B-)

And ofc…how could I forget this incident…where…at the time on the stage…all the people were making chicken noises…like Puk-Puk-Puk…IDK what I was thinkin…Outaa nowhere…I just lifted the mic and this line just came in the mind….


That was epic!

Now even my seniors are chill with me…My social circle has increased dramatically…

Also….I’m working on my personality development…you know like…dissolving my own ego-understanding other people’s reactions and problems-basically…being mature…This is helping alot in my relationships….

and heyyy…I almost forgot…SHE…ofc the girl I fancy 😉 …..She came back…IDK…Just outta nowhere….(I guess miracles do happen)…not a relationship basically…I mean…we’re both too stubborn for that…but hey…I’m lucky enough to be her friend…cuz she’s above average mind…and that is the reason I fall for her everytime….Aw well…lets hope best for the future(A’ight…That’s enough Romantic BS -_- )

I feel…sitting on my sofa-typing this blog-staring at the heater infront of me and gazing at that hot chick neighbour across from my Drawing Room Window Glass(Shit…I guess she went down from the roof…Nevermind…she’ll come back in the evening :D)…

Oh….So I was saying… umm…analyzing my depressive mood swings from time to time and definitely happy moments of life…such as right now…I feel…I could be so much more…you know..the best in everything-excelling everything….Infinite possibilites…I’ve the mindset…I know…I just need to do the hard work…

As I eat my Knorr 2 minute noodles…I reach upon a conclusion that each and everyone of us is Awesome…We just have to realize that.When we realize we’re awesome…wonderful things happen to us because only then…we give our best

I know I’m awesome….but I also know I can be more…



We Live in a World of Worlds….

Okay…Its Friday night…8 o’clock-I’m sick…coughing like a Panda-shivering with cold-Earphones plugged in to “Poets of the Fall -Carnival of Rust and Roses(BOTH SONGS…on continuous repetition” and DUDE…my throat hurts like a *******.

Also,I noticed I haven’t written anything in a while…so I thought…how about the next blog post B-)


Okay…back to the post…here comes my flow of thoughts:-

When I was a small child…my world was my teddy bear…As I grew…I shifted my interest to Pokemon cards…I grew once more…My world became Facebook,WWE and Engineering…In high school…I lived in a world of competition…it was a world in which we had to obtain maximum marks so we could get on merit on the prestigious colleges of the country…At the time of my entry test…I saw a new world….A world of pressure and prayers…

Right now…In my college life…I see a world of race…People trying there best to have more GPA than their classmates

(Since my college is in my city.I go from my home)…In the morning…At about 6:30am…when I leave my home…Its usually cold these days.I see a world of unwilling school going children “MOMMY!!!I DON’T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL TODAY”…and their eager mommies persuading them-packing their lunches and dropping them in school vans “.

As I walk,I often see a cab driver-with windows closed…With a deep look.He must be in his own world thinking about how to get a good fare of the day and feeding his family…That’s his world

As I cross a bridge over a railway track…I see on the far east…Sun playing hide and seek over the peaks of Himalayas…I say to myself “That’s another world”…

I cross further ahead…and see my colony’s famous shop who serves “Halwa Poori” as breakfast.I see the helpers of the shop frying fresh pooris and spreading aroma of that delicacy hoping to attract early customers…That’s another world

Then I get on the bus…O hey…Welcome to the world of diverse worlds…I see some dudes absorbed in their thoughts by ear phones plugged in while some are absorbed in their own dimensions cramming for an early quiz.Some are joking about everyday life and some are debating over the philosophy of life…See…a world inside worlds ^_^

When we reach college…….

I see a world of cream of the nation busying themselves day and night in studying…and trying to prove themselves to the world…(WELCOME TO THE NERD WORLD)

When I see the hot chicks of my institution…I sense a world of despos around me,imagining themselves holding those girls’ phone numbers

When I go to a hotel to attend a marriage…I see a world of awaiting eyes,anxious relatives,waiters bringing tasty foods to the trays,The bride and groom trying to stay calm and ofcourse, prettier girls who dressed really nice to make others notice of their presence 😉 That’s another world

When I go to a hospital,I see a world of sincere prayers,ailing people with wailing health…Waiting for a doctor and miracles

When I see a dead body going to a graveyard…I see a world of sorrows,of griefs and of a sad reality

When I go over to a cinema or a park…I see a world of people who are stressed out from 5 day work and just want to relax and get chilled in that time…

I switch on my TV,switch to WWE and see wreslters fighting for a world fame and ratings…

I switch over to news and see a world of politicians defaming others in a world of superiority.

I open up my Facebook and see everyone absorbed in their own worlds

I see besties taking selfies in their own world

I see couple of my older friends being overjoyed from their first month salary in their own world

Sometimes I wonder…How would be the world up above the snowy Tibet peaks where the monks live

How would be the pressurized life of Silicon Valley where all the tech is formed?

The deep African Jungles where the people like Tarzen live(like the Amazulu tribes in novel “King Solomon’s Mines”

How would be the world of The Serene-The magnificent Bermuda Triangle,

The famous PlayBoy Mansion,

and the Casinos of Las Vegas…

With that thoughts….I hit on the publish button…and behold…you just read my freshest blog post B-)


The Blood,The Vow & The GodFather…

(NOTE: I don’t know if you’ll like this post of mine-These are just random feelings)

You know…I was watching The Godfather series recently…That’s an epic biography…It brings you tears of joy in your eyes and smiles of unhappiness across your face…I particularly loved this quote of the film

“Never hate your enemies-It clouds your judgement”…

I was lying on the sofa-scrolling my mobile.I saw a screenshot of someone.Lets call that person “Stupid”(Nice nickname…huh.Yeah well!She’s a nice person!No Doubt)…Apparently she had a point about a person who didn’t acknowledge feelings(true feelings you can say) for another person…and she(STUPID) was infact feeling sorry for that person.

Ask me!I feel sorry for that person too…I mean seriously…That guy…you can say that guy wasted himself feeding on the thoughts of ‘her’…-To her she was a complete ”soulmate” …Her way of thinking-He fell in love with the way she talked…and as they say “Love is Blind”…I think love is mad too.That guy would just sit sometimes and just think about her laugh-He literally dreamt of her…He thought his future was with her…Hell!He even reached an ultimate form of madness.He even tried to sacrifice his future by wasting one of his educational golden years by going to a college he thought in which “she” was coming….but she never came.She was never of the sort.

You can say that maybe…she did a little injustice.She rejected true feelings-A gift which is wondered by many and endowed to few…but she made her choice.

IF YOU ASK MY OPINION…I THINK THAT BOY SHOULD “ADAPT”…He should watch the movie “The Godfather” and learn the art of adaptness…(Michael Corleone was just an innocent kid-He hated his father’s gangster life.He just wanted a happy normal life-marry his girlfriend…He wanted to enjoy his life like a fairytale

But NO…Fate had something else planned for him…When his older brother Sunny was killed,his father sent him to Sicily.

After a series of unfortunate mishaps with him…he had a complete change of character….Once the dreamy eyed lad who had a lucid ambition of a fairytale life…Now, had a clear vision of reality….After he skilfully defeats his crime family’s opponents…He then becomes to be known as “DON MICHAEL CORLEONE”….My point is towards the character transformation.One half of the movie=Just a simple innocent lad-The next half=A Proper handler of the Italian Mafia)

My point is towards that character transformation. Rumi once said “Do not feel lonely-The entire universe is inside you”

If that person is reading my blog…Here’s my suggestion…Adapt yourself.Forget about her.Don’t think about revenge.Its not worth it.The best revenge you could think of…is walk away……

You’ll surely find someone who’ll bring a charm in your life in a way you’ll wonder why it never worked out with anyone else

However…Do make yourself a vow……(That’s just a brotherly advice)…

A vow that what has happened…has happened.No use crying over spilt milk.A vow that you’ll study hard and make your parents proud.

A vow that you’ll show everyone around you…that you could have a great career ahead

A vow that you’ll find and marry a girl 100x times better than the one who isn’t with you…

A vow that you’ll have a “house” and a “home” together…Loving family-great career…A total all rounder of life….

A vow…..that after 10-20 years…The girl that isn’t with you…for once,lets say…. meets you in life….or happens to stalk you…She would get jealous….She would actually feel bad…that WHY WHY WHY….WHY DID I LET GO OF YOU?I WISH I COULD’VE UNDERSTOOD THE PAIN THAT YOU WENT THROUGH(These are not hate statements!NO!THAT PERSON STILL RESPECTS “HER”.ITS JUST…SHE MADE A DIFFERENT CHOICE OF LIFE)…….

Make your vow like how “Billy” in the movie “Predator 1978) makes…when he sees the Predator.(He makes a blood oath by making a cut to his heart when he sees The Predator)

Make your vow like the “Red Dragon”…Like how Ralph Fiennes proudly shows his tattoo transformation of a coiled Red Dragon across his body

And most importantly…Make your vow like “The Godfather”…Like Michael Corleone,who understood that life is never how you expect it to turn.I mean seriously…That fluffy hair kid who hated violence-who would just sit sometimes…and smile…Thinking “Life is Beautiful”…but once…His life reached a critical point.He changed…The warm smile transformed into a smirk of a cold hearted bastard with a strong Omerta and even stronger “Cosa Nostra”

And even his enemies admired him

As Michael Scofield of famous “Prison Break” says :

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

So yeah….Good things will come.Just work hard and be patient…and most importantly always remember:-

“Never hate your enemies.It clouds your judgement”

and that “Every Cloud has a silver Lining”


The Sculpture and the Tear…

The rain was making the leaves rustle.The wooden house rocked on the hill as the thunder roared and the river gushed with its full might,indicating signs of a hilly area flood.

The professor (which reminded me of character “Sketch Turner” from a classic video game Comix Zone) was dripping drops of sweat from his nose.He was tired from all the hard work he did.He was heavily busy from past 3 years….working on his dream sculpture…And Yes…It was a sculpture of a girl…who reminded him of someone.

He didn’t care if the catastrophe of heavy rain,either caused an avalanche which could topple his hilly house, or which could cause a Tsunami flood and shatter his house.He was too busy to bat an eye to someone.His marvelous sculpture was in closing form and just needed a final touch of finesse.

When his hard work paid off and the sculpture was completed…It was truly a sight to the sour eyes.She looked so beautiful.Her figure so fine…like almonds soaked in milk.Her face…like fresh rose petals flying across a pedestal fan.Her nose…like the proud pyramid of Giza standing tall.Her tranquil hands like those of some mystic Greek goddess…and her feet…It was like she only walked on clouds and never laid a foot upon the dirty ground.

It felt like the time had stopped.The rain was coming down with all its might.The house was shaking like that of a 9.0 earthquake…Yet!The professor didn’t care…He was awe-struck at his own impressive work.She reminded him of someone & a projector of memories was flashing down his mind this instant.

Suddenly a tear trickled down the professor’s eye.The tear so powerful…It shattered the stone sculpture.The statue was completely torn to bits by the might of the tear.This tear was no ordinary tear.Its secret ingredient was “memories”…which were powerful enough to wipe away its existence.

The rain had stopped and The river had returned to its normal pace.Sunlight had come out and it was depicting a beautiful scenery.

The professor stood motionless for sometime as if, analyzing what had just happened.But he had learned his lesson.

He knew that the statue of this particular “girl” and the world of memories had passed away…BUT THAT SURELY DIDN’T MEAN THAT HIS LIFE WAS ENDED.There’s so much more to life than holding onto old memories.

He finally understood the proverb “YA GOTTA LEAVE YOUR PAST BEHIND”…And, With a fresh look of optimism at his face, he looked forward to his next project.

Afterall :-

“This is life and not a *I*K
Don’t take it too hard” B-)


The Advantages of Not Taking A Bath…

Alright…So here I was…sitting in the Drawing room-with sunlight piercing through the curtains…listening to Dance Basanti <(“)  (Everyone knows Bollywood songs suck :3….but this one…Trust me!The beat is slick *_* ) I had just eaten a potato cutlass sandwich for breakfast and I was getting bored with my Summer holidays so I just got the idea…Why not give my wide array of audience a new post to read…I actually wanted to write a post based on humor but this topic is so diverse…I was unsure which topic to choose from….IDK!Kim Kardashian-The Scandal of Bill Clinton-The manliness of Justin Bieber-The sexiness of politician Altaf Bhai-The goofiness of Adam Sandler…..and the list goes on and on……

Nah!This is not working…Maybe I should go eat something” were the final thoughts I could think of before I went towards the refrigerator.It was when I took out a chilled Peach outta my refrigerator to enjoy my Hot Summer Day…I finally hit upon the topic,I was gonna write :-

The Advantages of Not Taking A Bath…

Yes…Bravo…This was the topic which was waiting for me, to write on,with open arms…I mean wow…Such a great topic…One could go on and on and on and the list of advantages would never end…

Here’s the few advantages my dirty mind could think of :-

  • Saving of Water…Yeah!Come to think of it…THIS IS THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE…(I remember reading a mag. in my childhood that stated by 2025…Water would be deficient by 70%…And that One of the reasons World War III would be fought would be on the issue of water
  • Saving of Soap…Think of all the famous soap brands you could think of …(Dove-Olay-Lifebuoy-Neutrogena-Pears…)Ya Know…People are actually finding it extremely hard…to provide bread and butter for their family,2 times a Day….and here you are….wasting away precious money on “soap”….I mean woah…..That’s some serious extravagantness !Bruhhh…I mean if you’ve such kind of money…Why don’t you give it to charity?…or ME? seriously…I would buy myself an X-box 1 and play Batman : Arkham Knight on 60 fps <(“)
  • You can top your class…YES…THIS IS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE…Ya!Know…In my college all the girls and guys invest so much money on expensive clothes,fancy deodorants to give themselves a good body odour and end up dating each other…They are so head over heels in “so called Love :3 “…their grades get **** big time….
    where as,if you’re a Dirty shenanigan….who doesn’t bath and doesn’t waste time on deodorants to impress the opposite sex…Who just has an aim of “StudyStudyStudy…and Not STDSTDSTD” <(“)….VOILA!!!4.0/4.0 GPA Baby…
  • The next point I’m gonna……………..”Raza!When did you last took a bath?The aunt you met at the family gathering…She remarked that you smell just like a sheep’s fur…and your bro…he was saying yesterday” Mama!Raza even smells worse than the maid who cleans the house “….Blurted the mom in a high-pitched voice…

Alright…that was an exaggerated insult…


I’m gonna go get a shower…You should too…instead of reading my pointless blog <(“)


My First Blog – “As I think of You”

So…Hi guys…This is my first ever blog which I wrote back on February 2014…..You can read the original one here on my friend’s blog


Ahhh…It was my class 12…A boring maths lecture…(I think relating to area of conical shapes)…(TRUST ME!ENGINEERING SOMETIMES SUCKS BIGTIME :3) and here was me with my friend….drooling eyes close..totally in no mood for another Maths class…..Suddenly my friend came up with an idea “Yo Raza!You should totally write something for your crush to impress her” and I thought why not I give it a try…

TBH…I wrote this blog in 1 lecture 😉 Go on!Give it a read!!!

Looking upon the shadowy bliss of night, I thought of you. I thought of you as a bliss of solitude that stumbles upon darkness, as the moon above my horizon melts down in the sea of stars. With the gushes of wind passing by my ears, I thought of myself in retrospect, looking across at the very sight of you. And the chronically life long moments we both had and the evergreen promise we made in our eyes that we would live together and grow old together. I thought of you.

Looking like a freshly polished garnet, I still remember the sparkle which came across my eyes when I first saw your face. It felt like you were the lock to the key I had held onto for life. You felt like the very first drop of rain that forecasts the upcoming rainbow to me. And your debonair look had had me believed you possessed the energy to excite an army of lethargic photons. Your eyes were so clear as if they were offering a gateway to some sort of castle. And you as a whole seemed like an absolute rose surrounded by nothing but thorns.

Today, you are not here with me. Your memories are all I have with me. With this pen and this pad as my new best-friend, I disclose my secrets lying hidden. And with the last regret in my heart; if I had revealed my true intentions things would have been different indeed.Raza Sohail

And when I showed this to my crush :-

Her remarks were” Waooo amazing….(Y) shez V.lucky no doubt 🙂 “



P.S =Even this Acrostic Poem didn’t do the magic on her….which I wrote for her

Intoxicate! O,

Zephyr of love!Re-incarnate!

Zenith you are to me, to my soul!

Yesterday I met her,and tomorrow she will be my whole…


Hey!Call me weird-childish-eerie-unreal-whatever to win someone’s heart like this…But let me tell you something….She!Sure was different from all others out there 😉 Her way of thinking was the thing which secured her position first thing in my heart…BUT HEY!YOU CAN’T HAVE EVERYTHING YOU SET YOUR EYES UPON….(*Insert=AWWW!TOUGH LUCK KIDDO!BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME* EXPRESSION) *_*

Just call her absence from my life, my Bad Luck!!!